MZH 3015
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Gooseneck for use with ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 in length of 15 cm. The variant has one flexible section and come with XLR-3 connection. The product is available in black and white color.

The MZH 3015 is a metal gooseneck for use with the ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 microphone heads. The rugged gooseneck is fitted with a balanced, floating XLR-3 output, enabling the microphone to be powered from 12 - 48 V phantom power and has a length of 150 mm.

  • Sturdy and elegant metal gooseneck for unobtrusive miking

  • For ME 34, ME 35, ME 36 microphone capsules

  • RF shielding against intermodulation from wireless equipment/devices

  • L-version with red light ring

  • Available in black and white

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Microphone Guide

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MZH 3015-L: 9435


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  • Technical Drawings
    • Outline dimensions MZH 3015 (DXF) (54 KB) Download

    • Outline dimensions MZH 3015-L (DXF) (57 KB) Download

    • Outline dimensions MZH 3015 (SAT) (20 KB) Download

    • Outline dimensions MZH 3015-L (SAT) (24 KB) Download

  • Spec Sheets
    • Product specification - MZH 3015 | MZH 3040 (190 KB) Download

    • Product specification - MZH 3015 L | MZH 3040 L (170 KB) Download

  • Digital Brochures
    • Supplement sheet accessory ME 34, ME 35, ME 36 (150 KB) Download

    • Product brochure SpeechLine Wired (1.9 MB) Download

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EC Declaration of Conformity MZH 30xx (230 KB) Download

  • Instruction Manual
    • Instruction Manual SpeechLine Wired (5.1 MB) Download

    • Instruction manual - SpeechLine Wired (HTML) Download

  • Technical Information
    • Connection Guide MEG 14-40 & MZH 30xx (360 KB) Download

    • Connection Guide MEG 14-40-L & MZH 30xx-L (400 KB) Download

  • Safety instructions and regulatory information
    • MZH 30xx(-L) - Safety Instructions, Specifications and Manufacturer Declarations (660 KB) Download